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24/7 Telecom management

Telecom has immediate impact on the internal communication and communication with the outside world, but telecom management is not your core activity. Our management services offer a practical solution to properly and efficiently take care of your telecom management. Our portfolio is modular, ranging from taking over administrative tasks, cost management and supplier relations to complete operational management. All you need to do is what you’re good at; we’ll handle the rest.

Carefree management

Our experts will take over all operational and administrative tasks for which you’re too busy or for which you lack capacity or knowledge. This allows us to guarantee that your organisation and employees receive high-quality professional and personal service.

Proactive support

ReleaseTMS knows your telecom policy and combines this with explicit knowledge of your organisation and activities. Our people know the ins and outs and anticipate accordingly. Furthermore, an up-to-date overview of the costs and needs forms the perfect foundation for continuous optimisation. Outsourcing to us automatically equals proactive telecom advice. This way, you and your employees take full advantage of our knowledge, experience and approach.

Custom service

We know that every organisation is unique and searches for the ideal balance between maximum accessibility and investments. If you outsource management of your communication environment with us, you can rest assured we’ve got it covered. Your employees receive professional support in whatever way you like. We offer operational telecom management, such as requests, activating or blocking devices and SIM changes. We also take care of support regarding hardware, including any repairs. And last but not least: you always have control over your telecom costs.

Professional management with a single point of contact

High level of service towards employees

Decrease in Total Cost of Ownership

Continuity and flexibility without using own personnel

Guaranteed independent, your needs are always our priority

Everything under control

Keeping costs in check is a standard part of our management services. Independent from your operator. That’s why we use TelvoView, our very own Telecom Expense Management solution that guarantees insight and control. TelcoView is a SaaS solution and can be purchased separately from our management services. It will save you considerable time and money. Whether you manage 100 or 25,000 phones.

Support and repair service

If your employees are experiencing issues with their mobile phones, you want them to be back online as quickly as possible. We take care of that, from start to finish, from pick-up to repair. Often, the repaired device will find its ways back to its user on the very same day. Our service is professional and fast, because we understand the importance of being available with respect to your productivity and service towards your own clients. We act accordingly.


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+31 (0)20 668 1818

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