Maximum availability at the best conditions. We’ve got it covered!


You want to do what you’re good at, without having to worry about your business telephony. Your communication tailored to what you and your employees need: optimal communication options at the best conditions. And, without losing control of the costs. We’ve got it covered!

We are ReleaseTMS

ReleaseTMS is your professional telecom partner. Your communication is our number one priority. We practice what we preach by providing independent communication consultancy and practical support in the selection of effective telecom solutions. We will find the right suppliers for your strategy. And we’ll take on management for you too in a proper and efficient manner, so that you won’t have to worry about anything. The result: guaranteed availability, competitive prices and – most importantly – excellent service for your company and your end users.

What can we offer you? No-nonsense collaboration.

Are you a CIO, telecom manager, DGA, procurement manager, head of technical support services or HR? If we take care of your telecommunication you’ll always know exactly what to expect.


Your interests are our starting point. Not connected to suppliers and always transparent about activities and costs.


Maximum availability

Your activities and ambitions determine the best solution and design of your telecom infrastructure.

Grip on service and costs

Always an up-to-date view of your entire communication environment and costs. Transparent and manageable.

Always tailored to your needs

Your needs are our priority. From one-time costs analyses to full-service telecom management.

Happy colleagues

Immediate access to excellent service and support for anyone within your company, results in positive experiences.

One-stop shop

One partner that fulfils all your communication-related needs. We’ve got it covered.

Consultancy cases per year

Satisfied end users

Extradited devices per year

Resolved service requests per day

"For large-scale telecom projects, the versatility and flexibility of the project team is very important. ReleaseTMS puts this into practice and remains goal-oriented as well as solution-oriented."

Ilja Seunke, Product Owner comms.

"ReleaseTMS has realized a clear and efficient telecom environment for us. In an excellent way. The support and communication were very professional."

Marcel Vogel, manager I&A @ Woonbron

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