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Useable knowledge and experience, always available for you. Pragmatic and independent, always putting your needs first.

Customized telecom advice

Your organisation is continuously changing. That dynamic makes it important to communicate efficiently and in a reliable manner, internally and with the world outside of your company. Most importantly because of the high demands your employees and customers have when it comes to communication. At the same time, developments are happening lightning fast and telecom supply is diverse. So, how do you know for sure that you are making the right choices for your organisation, now and in the future? And at the best prices? We’d love to take care of that for you.

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Balanced and independent

Our consultants know the ins and outs of the world of telecom. With extensive experience and technical knowledge on hand, we translate your communication demands into a balanced and independent telecom advice. Our consultants advise you in any area you require, from creating an inventory of the demands and existing telecom infrastructure to the development of a complete telecom strategy. Your situation is our starting point in the selection of technologies and suppliers that are the best fit for your organisation. But we do more than providing consultancy. We guide the entire procurement process. For instance by preparing and executing Request for Proposals or European tenders. That means you’ll always get the best deal.

Vision and strategy development

Telecom purchasing, RFP and European tendering processes

Telephony policy, BYOD and CYOD plans

Communication optimisation

Fixed, mobile, VoIP, Office365 and Skype for Business

Security strategy and MDM implementation

Developed by us

Telecom scan

STOP paying for something you don’t use. Our Telecom Scan clearly shows you where you can reduce costs and restore the grip you need.

Telecom strategy session

In an online strategy session you will discuss telephony topics and issues for which you are looking for solutions with our experienced consultants.

Online workshop "purchase"

Would you like to purchase telephony services at 25% lower rates, completely according to your wishes and at better conditions?

Client case housing corporation Woonbron

Woonbron is a housing corporation in the Rotterdam area with approximately 45,000 houses.


  • For fixed and mobile telephony, LAN, WAN and fixed connections
  • Make the costs visible and determine the need
  • Customize the telecom environment based on that need
  • Select the right suppliers
  • Realise cost reduction wherever possible
  • Supervise the implementation of the selected solutions


  • Collect and prioritize needs Determine availability goals
  • Develop telecom vision
  • Draft the Request for Proposal
  • Supervise procurement program


  • Fixed and mobile telephony placed with one provider
  • Reduced telecom costs by 50%
  • Reduced costs data network
  • Fewer suppliers
  • Management carried out internally

“ReleaseTMS brings the knowledge and experience required for our telecommunication projects. Independent from suppliers and that is an important condition.”

Roel van Bladel, Corporate Procurement Manager Indirect Spend Fabory


“ReleaseTMS has a pragmatic and targeted approach that they combine with a lot of knowledge and experience. Nice to have such a party to guide you. ”

Leo Smitshoek, ICT – Manager De Hoop ggz.


“The telecom environment has received a facelift, the contract agreements are up to date and verifiable, and an insightful telecom management environment has been realised for our organisation. ReleaseTMS had provided excellent work. The internal supervision and the communication towards the suppliers was handled in a professional manner.”

Marcel Vogel, Manager I&A

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+31 (0)20 668 1818

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