Our people complete projects with maximum result. And we are happy to do that for you. Pragmatic and always with your interest in mind.

Our work goes beyond consultancy

We make sure our advice actually works in practice. After taking inventory of and analysing the needs, we help clients specifically with selecting the right suppliers for the right solutions. And we supervise the implementation, changes and integration projects. Always fully transparent and in consultation with your organisation. Our goal is crystal clear: maximize your telecom performance, so that everyone within your organisation can focus completely on their core activities.

Project management

Our years of experience enable us to effectively manage all of your telecom projects, however big or small. Our experts translate customized telecom advice into a concrete project plan. We’d love to help you with the implementation of a new policy, the launch of a new functionality or the seamless transition to a new supplier. During your projects, our project managers do more than just focus on the technical and process-related aspects. In our tried-and-tested approach, we also take into account the impact it may have on your organisation and your employees. Thanks to the combination of a transparent project approach and best practices, you always know exactly what to expect from us. You can rest assured that your project will become a success, according to plan and within your budget.

Implementation programs

Migration supervision

Policy changes

Optimisation and cleaning of redundancies

Introduction and launch


The telecom landscape is changing rapidly; new solutions and providers follow each other in quick succession. In that situation, it is a hard and time-consuming task to compare suppliers yourself. In order to do this quickly, easily and professionally, ReleaseTMS has developed its own benchmark. Based on your specific needs and wishes, we estimate what you really need. Consecutively, we place your needs onto our own online market place, ensuring that only the best offers will be sent to you. Our experts rank and assess all offers based on your specific situation. All you have to do is choose. We’ve got the rest covered.

Client case Sanquin

Sanquin is a not-for-profit organisation responsible for the blood supply in the Netherlands.


  • Centralise and standardise telecom environment
  • Develop and implement telecom strategy
  • Draw up European tender


  • Inventory existing telecom infrastructure
  • Draw up unambiguous telecom strategy
  • Phased implementation of a hybrid environment with mobile telephony and VoIP
  • Design cafeteria model based on communication profiles
  • Outsourcing telephony management to ReleaseTMS


  • An easy-to-manage central telephony infrastructure
  • Guaranteed continuity, quality and availability
  • Central telecom management
  • Administrative work completely in order
  • Radically reduced fixed costs and usage costs

“For large-scale telecom projects, the versatility and flexibility of the project team is very important. ReleaseTMS realises this and remains goal-oriented as well as solution-oriented.”

Ilja Seunke, Product Owner comms.


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+31 (0)20 668 1818

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