Telecom Scans

Do you have sufficient insight in your mobile communication use? Do you have an exact breakdown of current costs? Do you know which savings can be made? Is the three-year renewal proposition of your mobile telecom provider sufficient to meet your three year growth strategy?

Most organisations can’t answer these questions directly. Therefore ReleaseTMS developed the Telecom Optimization Scan. This scan is based on our analyses made for over a hundred mid-sized companies, and provides a clear overview within a few days.


Which insights does the Telecom Optimization Scan provide?

  • Overview of the installed base: all costs, subscriptions and modules presented in a clear way.
  • Quick wins: Insight in -for instance- unused numbers/sims, data-usage exceeding the current tariff plan, excessive and inappropriate use as well as unused discounts.
  • Permanent cost cutting suggestions: what is the most efficient tariff plan, how to increase users’ cost awareness.


Our approach
Our custom-made tooling provides analyses of the mobile telecom invoices of hundreds of our customers. With this tooling we will analyse your digital invoices as well, resulting in detailed and specific insights, which we will deliver in a clear presentation of quick wins and permanent cost cutting suggestions. This might be the starting point for a fruitful renewal discussion with your current mobile telecom provider. Of course we will clarify the findings of the overview, and help you with implementing permanent cost cuttings.

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