Telecom management: Outsource or DIY?

Well-functioning telecommunication is an important precondition for the efficiency and effectiveness of companies. However, due to the increasing number of devices and platforms, the diversity of suppliers and user demands, telecommunication becomes increasingly complex to manage.

Central and pro-active telecom management could contribute to effective communication. However, a lot of organisations either do not have this type of management, or lack an efficient and effective set-up. ReleaseTMS has the solution: TelcoCare.

With TelcoCare, you can outsource your telecom management to the expert who, in line with your company’s ICT policy, manages your telecom assets. In this case, we base our choices on the existing supplier relations, desired SLA levels, interaction with your service organisation and specific wishes and demands of your company.

TelcoCare is modular

TelcoCare is modular: we only take over the elements of your telecom management for which you do not have the capacity or knowledge within your organisation. Furthermore, we also provide structural and proactive advice about further process improvement, implementation of innovations, contract optimisation and most likely a decrease in costs.

The advantages of TelcoCare

  • You will save on your telecom costs
  • Professional management of your telecom, with one contact person
  • Guaranteed independent support, putting your interests in first place at all times
  • Large flexibility: add or cancel new modules at any time
  • 100% focus on core activities


With TelcoCare, you are certain your telecom environment is perfectly managed without you or your employees having to worry about it. Furthermore, your administration is always first-class and up-to-date; you have a clear overview of all your devices and insight into your telecom costs at all times. Due to this, you will be better able to keep those in control. Our customers – in more than 20 countries – have reported savings of up to 20 to 40%.

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