CSR and ReleaseTMS

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of our mission. ReleaseTMS already gives meaning to the following themes, and we will develop these further in the future.

CSR and our services

Within the service TelcoCare all the hardware is recycled durably and we use renewable packaging materials. Within our consultancy services, we always involve the issue of sustainability in our advice and solutions.

CSR within our business

For our systems and the hosting of our data we only use data centers that are ISO14001 certified and use 100% green electricity. For our own office, we use green electricity and try to be as sustainable as possible, among others by seperating waste and the use of sustainable coffee cups.

CSR and our customers

Through our CSR goals, we also hope to encourage our customers to sustainable and socially responsible entrepeneurship. Also, utilizing our services contributes to our customers’ CSR goals.