About us

ReleaseTMS provides independent consulting and telecom management services to medium and large businesses. We provide an efficient telecom estate and an effective telecom management, resulting in excellent accessibility, high service level for users, and control over your telecom expenses.

We are providing services to: procurement officers, CIO’s and ICT managers, Finance managers, Facility managers and HR managers. We also build solutions for telecom dealers and operators.

How it all started

In 2004, Erik Jan Keijzer and Mike Veen founded ReleaseTMS. It didn’t come out of nowhere: they both had extensive experience in the telecom business. They knew what was needed: an independent telecom management company. Capable of truly acting in the interest of the customer. A company that stands at the forefront of (online) technology, constantly adjusts itself and its services to the alternating demands in the market and that has the very best people available to live up to it. With a generous dose of creativity and pragmatism. That combination translates into effective solutions and perfect results.